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The Millimetre-Wave Technology (MMT) Group has delivered cutting edge technology for frequencies ranging from 50 GHz to above 2 THz for more than twenty years. ​

The MMT Group has unique facilities for the design, manufacture and test of sub-millimetre receiver components and systems.  Examples of the Group's capabilities range from mixers and frequency multipliers, through photomixer sources and wire grid polarisers, to autonomous cryogenic radiometer systems. Some of the groups work can be found in the Leather Hollow Breathable Shoes Sports Shoes Platform up Shoes Thick GunColor Bottom Lace Women's Tad6xT. World class design, assembly and test skills are complemented by our Authentic Vans Grau Weiß Authentic Vans ZwEqXR and a dedicated semiconductor processing laboratory.​ The Millimetre-Wave Technology Group has worked on a large number of projects developing a range of instruments and components for ground, air and spaceborne missions. ​​
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